What to Bring

Socks, Swimwear, Towels and a Change of clothes

Birthday Package

⮚ Please choose our packages based on your most likely scenario, please give us as much information as possible to enable us to offer you the best service. 

⮚ Time booked in packages of 3/4/5 hours is based on “play” time. Customers may stay in the reserved seating option till 7:30 pm. 

⮚ A deposit of 40% is required to book your preferred date. The balance is required 72 hours prior to the event. If the booking is less than 72 hours before the event, full payment is required. We reserve the right to book two birthdays/events, one indoor and one outdoor, except for an exclusive event. 

⮚ Once the deposit is confirmed, the following will be emailed: 

❖ Guest list template. Please, provide the names of all children and adults, as well as vendors for your party. 

Please, note the following: 

∙ Children under 2 cannot partake in the Kids Club activities & do not need beach access tags. 

∙ Children from ages 2 to 5 do not require beach access tags but need tags to access food and play activities. 

∙ Children from ages 5 and above require beach access tags and tags for food and play activities. 

❖ Guest Information Form. Please, include the details in your invitation or communication to your guest for seamless access and pick-up. 

– Please provide Celebrant’s information, such as Name, Age, Favorite song, sport and hobby. 

❖ Vendors Terms and Conditions (applicable if you would be responsible for food, decor, entertainment, rentals, etc.). Please, kindly send this to ALL vendors to ease operations on the event day. 

⮚ Payment is non-refundable for cancellations less than 72 hours before the event. 

⮚ Any outstanding bill/tab on the day of the event must be cleared in FULL before the client may leave the facility. Or items can be paid for as soon as service is provided. Kindly indicate in advance. If a tab is required, a deposit must be made. Additional time for kids’ play activities would be charged separately based on use. 

⮚ We would like to give a huge welcome greeting to the celebrant, so please give us 15 – 30 minutes’ notice prior to arrival. 

⮚ Please arrive early to approve the agenda and timing of key activities, such as when the meal will be served, cake cutting, etc. 

⮚ A party host is assigned to you, who would be assisting you throughout the day to ensure maximum fun/service. 

⮚ A menu can be customized and printed for your event. 

⮚ A feedback form will be provided at the end of your event. Kindly, fill in your sincere opinion. Do not hesitate to contact Team Lead if you have any issues on the day. 

⮚ Please note that we are not responsible for any weather or unforeseen natural occurrence, and although we will mitigate, we do not offer compensation or refunds. 

Thank you! 

Guest Information

⮚ All guests are to collect their access tags at the Landmark Ticketing Office in the booth labelled Landmark Kids Club. 

❖ Please, do not go to the Information Center for entry. 

⮚ The ticketing office/booth is located adjacent to the main parking lot of Landmark beach. Kindly, ask security guards for directions or call 0814 187 8016

❖ Look out for the Kids Club representative at the ticketing booth. 

❖ Our representative will be on a uniform branded Landmark Kids Club by Maxtivity. ❖ The representative would be at the booth 15 minutes before the party time. 

⮚ Each child will be checked in and assigned a numbered tag which would be used to access games, food, and drink. Accompanying adults or parents whose names are also on the list would be given tags for access. 

⮚ Where the code word is picked, your guest would need to know the code word before getting a tag. 

⮚ On entry to the beach, look for signage directing to the Kids Club / Play Area with arrows pointing toward the Kids Club. 

⮚ The ticketing office would close by 5 pm. Any guests that arrive after this time should call the number above. 

⮚ At the end of the event, kindly pick up children from the Landmark Exit Gate at the Boulevard. ⮚ Do not come through the beach entrance. 

⮚ Kindly call 0814 187 8016 and the kids would be brought to you to take home. 

⮚ Please note that Landmark has a strict EXIT policy. They do not allow exit through the entrance gate- EXIT ONLY.